1. People embroiled in custody battles need to understand that your ex will try to use everything they can against you to get custody of the children you share.  As a result, you need to be smart about what you choose to post on social media accounts such as Facebook, MySpace, Instagram and Twitter…it may come back to bite you.

2.  Your ex will be looking for information regarding the people you hang out with or are friends with, stating that they may influence the children.  Get rid of all social media accounts during your divorce.  

3. If you and your ex currently argue, and, for rightful reason they cannot be trusted, then please, limit your amount of contact with them.  Do not inject yourself into their daily lives and the drama that surrounds it.  Only respond to them via text or e-mail.  Keep the records.  You may need them later.

4.  If your ex is terrible about keeping up with visitation and paying child support, keep a calendar and mark every time the show up; fail to show up; are late (the amount of time they are late); the excuses they gave for not showing up or being late, etc.  Keep track of all child support payment you are paid.  It is best to have the child support paid to the State of Alabama through the Alabama Child Support Disbursement Center in Montgomery.  Having the child support payment go through the State ensure there is always a record of said payment.  Plus, it is easier to show that they are ninety (90) days late in paying their obligation to the children and easier to prove the non-custodial party owes past due child support (child support arrears).

5. Document every instance when you ex does not comply with an Order of the Court.  It will make it easier if you decide to take them to court for contempt.  If you say you are going to take them to Court, follow through with what you say.  If you fail to follow through, your ex will think they can continue to walk all over you.

6. Do not argue in front of the children.  The problems the parents have with each other do not need to be made known to the children! 

7. Do what is best for the children.  


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