Pardon and Paroles and Criminal Law!
i. I began my legal career while in law school as an intern working for the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles Legal Division. Upon finishing my internship, I was hired and continued to work for the Board’s legal division. The experience and knowledge I gained, as well as the wonderful networking opportunities and relationships I made with the Board members and staff have made me successful in defending clients looking to get out of prison. I also work diligently to make sure that my clients are aware of the most recent changes in procedures of handling pardons and paroles; as new legislation has been passed effective in January 2016, with more to changes to come in the upcoming years.

ii. I use my experience to assist my clients in obtaining earlier parole hearings and zealously defend my clients before the Board at the parole hearings and assists those who are seeking to have their parole transferred to another state. I work with my clients to begin their lives on a clean slate by obtaining pardons or expungements so they can achieve their full potential as productive members of society.

iii. To my knowledge, I am the only attorney in the State of Alabama to have worked for the legal division of the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles and now work in private practice assisting clients with parole, pardon or expungement issues.

iv. I have also worked for some of the top criminal defense attorneys in the State of Alabama. I attended attended the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, GA.

Family Law
i. I have a passion for helping those with family law issues and knew early on in my career that I wanted to assist those in this area because so many people find themselves needing a qualified attorney to fight for them and their children during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

ii. Family law is such a diverse field that encompasses pre-nuptial and post nuptial agreements to protect assets, annulment, divorce, child custody, paternity, child support, child visitation, alimony, adoption and modifications of Orders and Agreements. In many of these cases, specifically those involving children, the Department of Human Resources (DHR) may be involved. DHR’s involvement presents another level of anxiety and stress for those involved. I guide my clients through this process and make sure that they understand each step in their case. This helps to alleviate some uncertainty they may feel during this difficult time.

iii. I understand the life-changing impact these situations present in that your roles will change along with a change in financial status and possibly becoming a single parent and the stress involved. I work diligently to prepare you for these changes and assist to make these changes as positive and smooth as possible. I strive to make to make sure each client is prepared for discovery, depositions and court appearances, as well as tactics their spouse may try and use against them.

Estate Planning
i. Estate planning is an area that is near and dear to my heart. Having lost my sister, Jonirai Wiggins, at the young age of 23, I experienced first-hand the need for proper estate planning to be done as soon as possible. At the time Jonirai passed away, I had been handling wills, trusts, and other estate matters for several years…never imagining how difficult it would be to handle her estate and determine her last wishes when she did not have a will. I do not want any family to ever have to experience this frustration and pain in the midst of their loved one’s death, because things were not done while their loved one was still alive.

ii. I wish that I met many of my estate planning clients early on in their lives. Truth be told most of my estate planning clients are elderly. The elderly and those with special needs deserve to be handled in the manner most appropriate for them at that time. Estate planning needs may change over time, as the person’s needs or level of care changes. Therefore, I also regularly keep in contact with my estate planning clients to make sure their needs are met.

iii. Estate planning includes all of the following areas: wills and trusts, asset protection, Medicaid, probate administration, advanced healthcare directives, power of attorney documents, guardianships, conservatorships, special needs plans (vary based on the specific need).

Immigration Law
i. Immigration Law is a vastly changing area of law that has a wide impact on the United States of America and the policies and procedures that are an issue of debate every presidential election. I understand the struggles immigrants face when overcoming cultural barriers, language barriers and adversity in a country with a broken immigration system at best. This is why I use my professional, client-centered approach and the experience I have gained from some of the top immigration advocates in the United States, to help my clients in the following areas that affect them and their loved ones: family visas, green card renewal, citizenship, sponsorship, non-immigrant visas, visa lottery and immigration removal defense.

ii. Fiance/fiancee visas and family visas are prevalent in areas where there are military members who try to bring their families to the United States. Thus, being centrally located to several military installations, I offer my client who are former or active military members a discount of 20% on all immigration services to thank them for the service they provide our country.

iii. I meet directly with each client each time they come in the office and I provide them with the utmost respect and courtesy they deserve, unlike some immigration attorneys, where your case is just another file number. If you want your case handled properly and are looking for realistic expectations and not broken promises, contact me today.


Pardons and Paroles Including:

a. Early parole hearings
b. Representation at parole hearings
c. Pardons
d. Expungements
e. Probation Violation hearings
f. Parole Violation hearings

Criminal Law Including:

a. Driving Under the Influence
b. Drug charges (possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine/meth, prescription
drugs, etc. drug trafficking)
c. Minor in Possession of a Controlled Substance/Alcohol/Traffic Charges
d. Manslaughter/Murder/Arson
e. Sex Crimes (sex abuse, rape, sodomy, sexual assault)
f. Kidnapping, false imprisonment

Family Law Including:

a. Divorce (Contested and Uncontested) and Annulment
b. Paternity/Child Support/Child Custody/Visitation
c. Modification of Child Support or Child Custody
d. Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
e. Alimony
f. Adoption

Estate Planning

a. Last Will and Testament
b. Trusts
c. Power of Attorney
d. Advanced Health Care Directives
e. Special Needs Estate Plans
f. Probate


a. Fiancé/fiancée Visas
b. Family Visas
c. Green Card Renewal
d. Non-Immigrant Visas
e. Visa Lottery
f. Immigration Removal Defense