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Attorney Heather Collier has been practicing law in the Foley area since 2012. Prior to this time, she practiced in Birmingham, Fairhope and Orange Beach. While in law school, she worked for the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, Legal Division, as a clerk. While there, she developed a passion for criminal law and helping others. The legal experience and relationships she gained while working for the Board, has led her to successfully inmates across Alabama with the following:

  1. Obtain an earlier parole hearing date
  2. Have adequate representation at pardon and parole hearings before the Board
  3. Fight for their right to reinstate parole at parole violation hearings initiated by their parole officer and the Board
  4. Help former inmates obtain a pardon for past crimes so they are able to move on with their lives and become productive members of society.

She also fights for those that have been wrongfully accused of crimes they did not commit and fiercely defends those charged with all misdemeanors and felonies. This includes kidnapping, rape, murder, robbery, drug trafficking, drug crimes, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, etc. She also handles criminal appeals to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court.

Mrs. Collier also helps people who are struggling with divorce and child custody issues to get through what is probably one of the most emotionally draining experiences of their lives. She ensures that her clients are informed as much as possible to help take away any uncertainty they have with going through a divorce. This includes extensive assistance regarding the financial and emotional outcomes of the divorce, the impact it may have on children, what the client can do to place themselves in the best light before the Court and how they can protect themselves and their children during this time.

Estate planning is also something that is very dear to Mrs. Collier’s heart. Having recently lost her sister, who was only 23, she has experienced first-hand how valuable estate planning can be to a family who is grieving the loss of their loved one(s). Planning how your future will be handled when you are gone is something that many of us do not want to think about. However, unfortunately, we cannot escape death. Taking the time now to discuss and have the proper legal documentation in place for emergencies can save a lot of heartache in the future and help to ensure your wishes are honored without a drawn-out legal battle.

Attorney Collier is licensed to practice immigration removal defense law in all immigration courts in the United States and the Board of Immigration Appeals in Falls Church, VA. In addition, she files petitions handles matters before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, for those seeking green cards, asylum, etc. The closest immigration courts in the area are the Atlanta Immigration Court in Atlanta, Georgia and the New Orleans Immigration Court in New Orleans, LA. The nearest detention facility is in Oakdale, Louisiana.

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Heather Collier’s client reviews


    Knowledgeable and fast, positive resolution

    Posted by Margaret

    turned my call quickly and was able to provide the necessary assistance that I needed with my case. Not only did she quickly resolve it, she offered alternative solutions that I never considered. If you need a lawyer who will be honest, hard working, has integrity, and is on your side, you must call the Collier Law Firm.
    Positive resolution


    Posted by maria

    Was able to get me in for a consult fast,kelp me informed though all the steps of the case,was able to give me honest,compassionate advice on different aspects I wasn't aware of.I was so happy with her work that I'm wanting help in estate planning and writing a will.
  • Great experience with case consultation

    Posted by Joan

    Heather is good at returning calls, following up, knowledgeable, listening, and passionate. I was fascinated with the fact that you speak direct with her, not secretary like most firms. I had a wonderful and impressive consultation and I felt she was the best Attorney to hire for my case.
    Great experience

    Great Lawyer, I highly recommend her!

    Posted by Amanda

    Hired attorney
    Overall great results for not so great experience. Everything she told me she would do she did. She got me exactly what I wanted, charged half the price has others. Great personality, honest, smart , and hardworking.

    Excellent Divorce Attorney

    Posted by Josie

    Hired attorney
    Heather did an outstanding job assisting me throughout the process of my divorce. It was a difficult time, but Heather was very helpful, supportive, and understanding. I would highly recommend her.
    Excellent Divorce Attorney (

    Great Attorney

    Posted by Rose

    Hired attorney
    Ms. Collier, was very efficient in handling my case. She comes highly recommended.
    Great Attorney

    Service  beyond compare!

    Posted by Rhonda

    Hired attorney
     A good friend shared with me her experience with Heather Collier. I am happy to do the same for the benifit of others! Honesty, integrity, extreme professionalism, incomparable attention to detail and compassion at a time when needed most is what I received and you can expect when you hire Mrs. Collier! A rare find indeed!
    Service beyond compare!

    top talent


    Posted by Mindy

    Hired attorney
    Heather is beyond any expectations she goes over and beyond . I was referred to her by a previous client and it was the best decision. I definitely recommend her . very professional and dedicated to law.

    Knowledgeable and fast, positive resolution

    Posted by Alain JacquotApril 15, 2016

    Heather Collier is a very personable person, she will help with all the steps necessary and answer all of questions as she is very knowledgeable. She also is very compassionate and will keep you informed as new developments occur. Overall, other than I had to hire her for something unpleasant for me, she helped me thru it by making a flawless case and keeping the communication open all the time, and the resolution speed was beyond what I expected. Thank you Mrs Heather Collier for your help, experience and integrity in this process. I will highly recommend you to anyone that may seek law counseling.
    Heather Collier is a very personable person
  • An Attorney Who Fights For Her Clients
    Attorney Heather Collier located in Foley, Alabama takes the time to get to know her clients and their needs, and truly fights hard for the best possible outcome. My personal case was a difficult one due to the fact another attorney messed up, and Attorney Collier persevered and still managed to get me the best possible outcome. Even with an attorney higher status quo she is still grounded to the real world and real people. In her personal life, she is caring, compassionate, and a very giving person to those less fortunate. If you have legal problems that require a smart and experienced attorney, that will work and fight hard on your behalf, I highly recommend that you contact Attorney Heather Collier to see how she may help you. From a real and very satisfied client Shelly Rodgers. If people would like to contact me for a recommendation I can be reached at [email protected]


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