News flash:  If you are a parent that wishes they had custody of their child, yet your conduct makes you a less-than-stellar parent, you better get your priorities in order.

1. Judges look to the type of crowd you hang around because that is the type of crowd your children would hang around when they are in your care.

2.Do you send inappropriate messages and comments on social media?  Stop now!  This can be used against you in court.  I recommend deleting all social media – that way the opposing side has nothing to use against you.

3.If you barely see your child and want to petition for full custody to get back at the other side…good luck!  You need to be a dependable parent if you are going to expect the Court to give your more time with your child.

4.If you have a new significant other every month or week, you are not providing a stable environment for your child.

5.Don’t pay child support or provide for your child’s needs, you are not being a parent.  Now, do not get me wrong, being poor does not make you a bad parent.  However, many people must sacrifice their needs so the children they created do not have to go without.

6.Do you send trashy text messages or harassing phone calls to the other party that they could possibly record and use against you?  Not a smart move.

7.Do you use the children as a pawn to hurt the other parent?  The only people you are hurting are the children and your chances of custody or visitation in your favor.  Grow up!

8. Go to Court without an attorney?  Do not complain when your case is messed up and when you do not have proper acknowledgement or orders from the court.  Also, do not complain that you gave up rights you did not know you had.  Attorneys go to school to learn these things and it is best to have a good attorney by your side to help you with these matters.

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